Mason County Promise Students

Promise Basics:

How does the Promise Scholarship Work from Initial Application to my First Semester at WSCC?

For First-Year Scholars: 

  • After students complete an initial application, they receive a confirmation email.  From there, if a student is a high school senior, after graduation,  the Promise Coordinator will verify their high school graduation, final GPA, and residency.  Students who qualify will receive a letter in June to let them know that they meet eligibility for the Promise Scholarship at WSCC.  Students must also ensure they enroll in at least 9 credits and complete their FAFSA to remain eligible.

  • After enrolling and registering for classes at WSCC , WSCC will provide a financial aid award information packet to students.  The Promise Scholarship will not show up as a set award in this packet. WSCC will also send a bill to students for any remaining tuition and mandatory fees if federal and state grants and scholarships do not cover their full tuition and fees.  From there, if a student has been identified by the Promise Zone as a Scholar (applied and eligible), WSCC will add the Promise Scholarship on their bill after the drop/add period has ended (after the 2nd week of class).  If you have any questions about the WSCC billing process for the Promise Scholarship, the WSCC billing office phone number is 231-843-5889.

  • This process will be repeated each semester during the first year, provided students are in good standing (2.0 GPA or higher and completing 67% of attempted credits).

For Returning Scholars:

  • To remain eligible for the Promise, Scholars must be in good standing at WSCC for financial aid (minimum of 2.0 GPA and 67% completion rate).  Scholars must reapply for FAFSA for each academic year.  Returning Promise Scholars must also complete a "renewal application,"  after their winter grades post (but before Fall of the new academic year), and submit a copy of their transcript to Promise Scholars must be in good standing with a 2.0 GPA or higher, and must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid purposes to be eligible for the Promise Scholarship because the Promise is a middle-dollar scholarship, which means that financial aid grant resources are applied to tuition and fees before the Promise Scholarship can be. If a student is placed on financial aid suspension because of not meeting SAP, they will not be eligible to use the MCP Scholarship. To find out more information about SAP, visit:

  • If the student is granted an appeal for SAP at WSCC, they can then appeal to the MCP board to request that their Promise Scholarship be reinstated for that semester. Students can submit an appeal at 

  • From there, the billing process will work the same as in the first year.  Please note that there is a 9 credit minimum for fall and winter semesters, and no minimum to use the Promise Scholarship in summer semester.  Also, there is currently a limit of 72 credits that the Promise will cover for eligible Promise Scholars at WSCC.  ​

A Mason County Promise Scholar is any student who was awarded the Promise Scholarship, who attends an approved partner institution, and who continues to meet all eligibility requirements of the Mason County Promise Scholarship.

For additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us at