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For first-time applications (new students) click the "apply" button or complete the form below.
Summer Guest students at WSCC must have a completed  first-time application with approval and complete a renewal application before the summer semester at WSCC begins (submit ALL transcripts to 

To renew (returning students), click the "renew" button.
To appeal in the case of scholarship ineligibility, click the "appeal" button.

INFORMATION FOR MASON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS WHO ATTEND SCHOOL OUTSIDE OF MASON COUNTY OR WHO ATTEND HOMESCHOOLS: Effective for the resident high school graduates in the class of 2023 and thereafter:
Seniors in high school who:

  • are homeschooled residents of Mason County OR

  • attend a high school outside of Mason County but reside in Mason County

are invited to apply for the Promise. Please read all information to follow.

Applicants who seek eligibility under either of these categories must complete the initial application by using the "Apply" button above.

They must also:

  • complete this form: 

  • provide documentation that demonstrates that they have had a principal residence in Mason County for at least one year, including the applicant's entire senior year of high school. 

In addition, homeschooled applicants must provide proof that they either receive services from the local West Shore ESD or proof that they attend a homeschool that is registered with the State of Michigan.  Related documentation can be sent anytime after the initial application is completed.  Please send documentation to no later than August 1 of the academic year that the student is applying for.

For more information on the West Shore ESD, visit:
For more information on registering homeschools in the State of Michigan, visit:

Applicants who are full-time residents of Mason County but attend a school outside of Mason County (including online schools) must provide a copy of their final transcript to the Mason County Promise.

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