Why do we need the Promise?

Currently, 53% of job postings require education beyond a high school diploma. By 2025 this is projected to rise to 64%. Today, only 28% of Mason County's workforce meets this criterion. 

Mason County Promise provides an opportunity for all our students to have access to a promising future. 


What does Promise cover?

Promise Scholarship covers up to 60 attempted credits, including all tuition and mandatory fees at West Shore Community College.

The Promise is a middle dollar scholarship program, meaning Promise dollars are applied to a student’s account after state and federal financial aid have been applied.  Any other scholarship dollars a student is awarded can be used for books, housing, transportation or other costs of education. 

Who is eligible?
  • Graduates of MCC, MCE, or LASD with a 2.0 GPA or better who reside within Mason County or their school district

  • Graduates of G2S with a 2.0 GPA or better

  • Residents of Mason County who obtain a GED

How do I apply?
  1. Complete the Federal Student Aid Application using FAFSA.GOV 

  2. Apply and Enroll at WSCC 

  3. Apply for the Promise


The Promise will be at area High School Conferences:

January 27th: MCC HS

January 30th: LHS

February 20th: MCE HS

Stop by to learn more!!

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Promise Zone Scholar Testimonials 

" I was thinking about other colleges, but then I heard about the Promise and I'd like to stay local so I decided to come here...

I'd like to be a pediatrician." ​

- Savannah Bice 2018 Promise Scholar

" I was accepted into NMU, but then I got the letter to the Promise...I want to go to NMU later, but it's almost 50k for two years and West Shore is 5 miles from home, it's free, I have my home support.

I am gonna do it."

- Diego Reiz 2018 Promise Scholar

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