Students are required to complete their Promise Application, FASFA, and Enroll in classes at West Shore Community College before the end of the Drop/Add period in order for the Scholarship to apply to that semester's tuition and fees. 

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Is there a deadline to apply?

Scholars must graduate from a Mason County public school (G2S, LHS, MCC or MCE) and reside within Mason County, or the boundaries of their school district to qualify. If you have additional questions regarding residency, please contact the Promise Coordinator. 

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Do I have to live in Mason County?

Promise monies are for tuition and fees at West Shore Community College after federal and state dollars have been applied. The Promise is a middle dollar scholarship meaning if you have additional scholarship monies available the Promise will be applied first and those additional scholarships can then be used for book purchases, supplies or additional expenses. 

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Can I use the Promise to pay for books?
What are grounds for deferral or appeal?

Good cause for granting an appeal may include (but are not limited to) incapacitation, homelessness, the death of an immediate family member, military service, or other family obligations such as birth or adoption of a child.

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Students may appeal to the Mason County Promise Zone Authority Board to defer use of the Promise scholarship or to seek review of the denial of eligibility. Appeals must be made in writing to the Board. The appeal shall contain the student’s name, address, date of birth, and phone number, the basis for the appeal, and any other supporting documents pertinent to the student’s claim or appeal. 

Can a scholarship be deferred or appealed ?

Students will have a maximum of four academic years from the date of high school graduation, or from the date of issuance of a GED or its equivalent, to use Promise scholarship monies.

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How long after graduation do I have to apply?
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Once I've applied, how do I know if I qualify?

After you've completed your initial application, you will get an email confirmation.  From there, if you've met the requirements, you will be notified after your graduation and final GPA, or GED completion are verified, typically around mid-June of your graduation/completion year.  You must still register and maintain 9 or more credits per semester at WSCC to qualify.  Once qualified, if your initial financial aid (TIP, Pell, etc.) doesn't cover your tuition and fees, then the Promise Funds will be applied to your account to cover the remaining amount owed for tuition and fees.

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I'm a current Promise Scholar at WSCC, how do I renew?

Click on the "Apply" tab at the top of this page, and from the drop-down menu that appears, choose "Renewal Application."  Be sure to pay attention to emails from the Promise Zone coordinator or from the info@masoncountypromise.org email address.  After your semester GPA for the academic year is verified and FAFSA is renewed, then you will be notified that your renewal is approved.  If you register and maintain 9 or more credits per semester, you have not exceeded the total 60 credit allowance, and your initial financial aid (TIP, Pell, etc.) doesn't cover your tuition and fees, then the Promise Funds will be applied to your account to cover the remaining amount owed for tuition and fees. 

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